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    We will make your business stronger and more responsive. We will work with you on every stage. We can statr with you from the introduction and selling your product. Also we can help you integrate CRM and ERP systems for you to control your business better.

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    You will never have a second chance to make first impression. Interest of your clients it's always a result of professional design and comfortable interface.

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    Dedicated Team

    Our main goal is to create professional developers, combine them in teams and as a result get strong tool for solving all your problems.


Our team is engaged in the development and integration of the product for your business with maximum efficiency and results. Our experience and completed projects proof that we are experts and professionals. We are making different web-services from small searching systems to big serious ecommerce platforms.

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Web and Corporate Design

Professional design will show your business from the best side. First thing which will see your clients - will be your corporate style. With good design and corporate style you can show your creativity, uniqueness and level of professionalism. Our designers can help you to show for your clients your team soul and they will stay with you for years.

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Dedicated Team

Dedicated team is a business model where client and outsource provider mutually agree on the workload and project requirements for the specified perioud of time and outsource company provides IT professionals that suit clients demands and will fully work with only one project for one company at a time.

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Our portfolio

Our works - this is what we are proud of.

Every day we improving our skills to make better product for our clients.

About us

We are active and creative young team, we are professionals. We love the magic of the internet that lives in the details. Starting from the text with the address of your office to the incredibly beautiful and complex effects. We admire of the amount of information with which our product works. You will not find in our ranks rogues or cynics. Intertech is a family. Family is the most important.

We have the desire to make the perception of the world better, easier and more convenient. It is the uninterrupted engine that charges us with energy and positive thinking.

Your need to automate business processes used to guide us in our movement forward.

Our product

By combining leading technologies, we have created completed solutions that are aimed at solving your business problems.


VISA CRM it`s a product for small companies, medium-sized businesses and large companies with multiple branches. It will be suitable for companies with large flow of incoming and outgoing information.

How to get rid of the confusion in the documents, folders, tables and obscure programs? You probably asked this question! Imagine, the profit increased by 30% just by using VisACRM


Read what customers are saying

  • My name is Igor Gilnov! Im a founder of trade house Zhirrom., company which over 25 years makes this world more brightfull and happy. On the stage of radical and irreversible changes, we have faced with the complexity of the selection Web Development Company. And we choose INTERTECH. It`s a team of unic people in terms of professionalism and human qualities. The whole key to success lies in the simplicity, the skillful management and sensitive perception of his team in the face of Sergii Zanizdra! We wish them success and innovative breakthroughs this miraculous team! Your partner TH ZHIRROM!

    Igor Gilnov (CEO of TH ZHIRROM)

    20 April 2016
  • I ordered at INTERTECH website development. Like efficiency, ease of communication with the team and desire to understand the client needs. Thank you for the great cooperation.

    Alexander Os'kin (EuroCenter Director)

    20 April 2016
  • We've waited for our website to be done for 4 months already, when we decided to delegate our order to Intertech company. We were extremely running out of time so we risked once more and set up the "impossible" deadline of 2 weeks for the company, recommended to us by our former contractor. And that was our jack pot. Not only did they manage to get everything done in 2 weeks (we've waited for 4 months with other company and all others refused even talk about the 2 weeks deadline assuring us it was impossible) but they've also done a great job, we are fully satisfied with the result. Therefore Intertech became our strong partner and is successfully supporting us in all our IT related issues.

    Igor Fomenko (Co - owner)

    20 April 2016
  • We have been looking for a contractor for a long period of time but then our friends advised us INTERTECH. As everyone knows, development of the site is a very important step for a successful business. We are very satisfied with INTERTECH work. Thank you guys for a quality product with no hassle.

    Anton DITCH (Owner)

    20 April 2016


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